Build Your Academic Vocabulary

Do you know your academic vocabulary? You know, words like analyze and deduce or refer and infer–words that come up often in textbooks and classroom conversations but seldom in everyday conversations.

Mastering academic vocabulary helps students comprehend content in the classroom and raise their scores on standardized tests. Academic vocabulary is an important focus for English Language Learners, too, since it’s a piece that can hold back understanding in the classroom.



SAT games on can help you learn the academic vocabulary you need to know to succeed academically. Try SAT games to develop advanced vocabulary. For example, SAT Math Vocabulary Line Match is a great game for practicing math terms.

For even more Academic Vocabulary Words, visit our sister site, You’ll find 30 pre-made lists you can play with VocabularySpellingCity games. All for free! Play with academic vocabulary this summer and get ready to ace your next school year!

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