It’s Summer- Let Your Hair Down!

Do you remember when idioms like “Let your hair down” were mysterious grown-up speak? Once you began to learn them it was like being invited into the club and knowing a special secret code. Guessing and learning idioms is great summer fun that keeps students’ brains active. And it’s not all fun and games, idioms turn up in newspaper articles, literature, and even standardized tests, so understanding them can only be to your advantage.

Slang Game

Idiom games are great for English Language Learners, too. They’ll help take the mystery out of these non-literal slang phrases. Start with The Slang Game and then move on to more games that feature Animal Idioms, Food Idioms, and even Money Idioms.

Your kids or students will have loads of fun playing, and when they get back to school they can tell their teacher that in a nutshell, on their summer vacation they had a ball, lived the life of Riley, and had a whale of a time, that is, except for the day when it rained cats and dogs and the one when they opened a can of worms they didn’t see coming. Happy word play!

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