Jump Start Science Vocabulary!

Do you want to give your K-2 students a head start on learning? Students don’t necessarily hear science vocabulary in everyday conversation, and unfamiliar vocabulary can make it difficult for students to take in science lessons and activities. When students are exposed to new vocabulary before the lesson, they can take in the words and focus on the new information.

Summer’s a great time to expose kids to new vocabulary. Here are some games from our sister site Science4Us to help your rising K-2 student learn science vocabulary. They’re also great review activities for grades 3-5.


SillyBulls is a vocabulary and syllable game to help familiarize students with science vocabulary. Try SillyBulls to learn vocabulary that relates to states of matter. Players build words from their syllable parts and hear each word’s definition as they play.


Science4Us also uses literature to present new terms and concepts. Play “Cheer for the Planet” to learn new vocabulary and tips for protecting the environment.

Science4Us shows you how to make summer learning fun. It gives you a jump start on the new school year!


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