Learn New Words

Do you remember when you were learning to read and you struggled to match familiar words and sounds with groups of letters on the page? How about when you visited a country where you didn’t speak the primary language? Suddenly, the words you knew were no help in communicating with others.

Match Game

Vocabulary.co.il has a great activity to help students who are learning to read or learning English. It’s called English Word Recognition Game and it will help new readers and English Language Learners learn new words quickly while having fun.

Two modes allow for students to learn and to play. Learning mode shows students cards with pictures and written words. Players mouse over a card to hear the word spoken. Fifteen different sets of cards introduce players to animals, household goods, and more.

Play mode allows students to play a matching game. Players overturn cards to match them. The game tests memory and also reinforces learning by showing pictures and words while adding audio to help learners learn to say and interpret common nouns. It’s a great, fun way to reinforce English and reading skills.

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