Reading Strategies – Root Words

When students are learning to read, they encounter books filled with simple words, perfect for encouraging new readers with early success. Many of these consonant-vowel-consonant combinations simply need sounding out. Most kids will recognize these simple words when they hear them. Past this basic level of reading, however, readers begin to encounter words they don’t already know.

Readers facing unfamiliar words can profit from breaking them down into parts they do know. The root word holds the main meaning of a longer word. Understanding the root will help readers get the gist of the meaning. Prefixes and suffixes modify the meaning or tense of the word or make it plural.

Understanding many different root words can help students with reading comprehension. It can also help with standardized test success. has games to give you practice identifying root words while having fun. The games are leveled for elementary, middle school, and high school learners.

Play Root Word Meaning Match to test your knowledge of root word meanings. Play Dividing Root Words to separate the root from the prefixes and suffixes in the word.

Looking for more? Our sister site,, has premade lists  that feature common Latin and Greek word roots. Simply choose a root like “man” or “graph”, click to get the list, and then choose a learning activity or game to practice. It’s fun, free, and a great introduction to the site!

For those homeschooling high school, there are amazing resources to help you simplify the process. Printable high school diplomas, high school transcript templates, and printable report card templates are all great for making record keeping as easy as possible.

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