Apostrophe or No Apostrophe? That is the Question.

Contractions, those bits of smashed together words, are tricky. Most contractions require an apostrophe to stand for the missing letters: don’t (do not), it’s (it is), or haven’t (have not). Some contractions don’t have an apostrophe: none (not one), shoulda (should have), wanna (want to), or outta (out of).

Writing contractions can be difficult for elementary school students and English Language Learners to master. Is there an apostrophe? Where do you put it? What words does the contraction stand for, anyway? It’s enough to stress dutiful students out!

Don’t worry, though. Vocabulary.co.il has a stress-free solution to contraction woes. Five online contractions games help students of all ages understand the meaning and spelling of common contractions. Here’s what you’ll find.

Fill It In Contractions Game challenges players to type contractions from the words they’re made of.

Fill It In: Un-contraction Game challenges players to unpack the contractions into their original words.

Memory Match is a flip the cards game where players match the contraction with its parts.


Break It Up challenges players to place the apostrophe in the contraction.


Which One? challenges players to choose the correctly spelled contraction.


Don’t stress out about contractions! Pick a game and have fun with contractions today!

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