Got Context?

What in the world does that mean? Context is one of the many skills readers use to figure out the meaning of unknown words. The words and sentences that surround an unknown word, its context, can help us understand a word’s meaning. Context can also help readers build a more complex understanding of a word’s meaning and nuances.

When readers add using context clues to their reading strategies they begin to build vocabulary and comprehension skills. Though more experienced readers tend to encounter fewer unknown words, readers at every skill level will benefit from learning to use context clues when they read. has games to help readers at every level practice discern meaning through context while having fun.

Line Match
games challenge players to match words with contextually rich sentences. Choose words from Ramona Forever, Call of the Wild, Romeo and Juliet and other famous works of literature.
In Which Word, players choose the best word for the sentence, allowing them to practice using context clues with each question. Instant feedback allows players to learn as they go.
Need an even greater challenge? 100 High School Word Search is a very challenging word search puzzle in which players are given the definition of a word and challenged to find the word in the grid. This is a great activity to bone up for the SATs or simply to exercise the little gray cells.

So if you need a little context in your day, build your vocabulary skills with fun word games on

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