Love Those Long Words!

I once picked Gone With the Wind as my summer reading book because it had a lot of pages. I loved to read, sure, but I also looked very grown up hauling around the one-thousand-plus page hardcover from the city library.

It’s not uncommon for kids to pick books that are too hard for them because they look impressive. Interestingly, researchers have found that many students will read and understand books that test results say should be way too hard for them. For these kids motivation trumps suggested reading levels.

I’ve seen the same phenomena in schools in which the students are allowed to choose their own vocabulary or spelling words. There are always a few who choose the longest words because they look impressive.

At we’ve got a few games that are exactly right for the kids who want to impress, and they’ll help any kid build his or her vocabulary. Compound words are lovely and long. They look impressive. They’re also made up of two words that students are likely to know already, so they’re challenging but not too challenging for younger kids.

In Line Match players match two words to make a new, longer word.


In Which One? players find the word that completes a compound word.


In Break It Up players read a compound word and divide it into its two components.


So get your elementary school kids playing compound word games today. These long words are a great start to building an impressive vocabulary!

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