Meaningful Science Fun!

Are you wild about science? Do you love finding and trying out new concepts?

Science4Us is an online science curriculum for kids in K-2. It helps students build science skills through interactive online lessons, games, and offline hands-on activities. Assessments are built in and online assessments automatically add the students’ score to their file, making things easy for the teacher or parent.

Introductory and open-ended activities, both on and offline, help students access their knowledge and develop questions about the topic. In Exploring the Universe, students get to “fly” through our solar system.

Four to six minute lessons in each module teach the main concepts, checking viewers’ comprehension along the way. Here’s a lesson all about motion.

Kids learn from online games like Camouflage which challenges kids to find the camouflaged animal in each picture.

Parents and teachers of students in grades 3-5 are finding that Science4Us makes a great science review and sometimes teaches skills students don’t yet have. For example, this Take a Note activity helps students learn what controls and variables are.

Ready to have some science fun? Click through to Science4Us and see what you can learn!

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