New Games Build Phonics Skills!

Want to keep the kids engaged and yet also build reading skills? If you said yes, our sister site, VocabularySpellingCity has some great new games for you!

Each of these new games and activities has visual and oral elements to help players connect sounds with letters, syllables, and words. And they all reinforce comprehension of new vocabulary, too. These games are a great way to strengthen reading and language skills.

TeachMe More gives children a chance to learn new words. In TeachMe More, children explore spelling, syllables, sounds, context in a sentence, definition and the part of speech. Buttons allow children to choose what they want to hear or read. Repetition helps children who are learning to read or say new words to learn them quickly.

SillyBulls helps children learn how to divide words into syllables. Children hear and see each word multiple times. They sort by syllables, say it aloud and hear a contextually rich sentence, reinforcing vocabulary skills as well. Those SillyBulls really make learning fun!

Initial Sound Speller and Final Sound Speller are two phonics games that help children recognize initial and final sounds in words. In playing, they begin to connect how the sounds correspond to spelling.

These games are a great way to help kids who are learning to read and adults or kids who are learning to read English! Try them with our pre-made lists. Love them? A premium membership allows you to create your own lists to use with the games. That’s perfect for reading groups, writing workshops, or review!

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