Don’t Stop Writing

vocab don't stop writingDid you know that research indicates clear learning loss for students who do nothing during the summer break? However, on the positive side those students who maintain some type of academic review or engagement retain their learning levels and actually progress during the summer break. With that in mind, which side would you choose?

We’ve all heard about how reading is the fundamental learning tool. If a child reads and reads with good comprehension, all other academic subjects will typically improve with their reading levels. Yet, on the other hand not too many people talk about writing, but the same is true. If a student will write consistently this will improve writing skills, memory, word fluency, critical thinking, and a host of other cognitive skills.

But who wants to work in the summer? True, not many kids want to be bothered. Yet, finding a way to encourage them to write using creative writing prompts, vocabulary word games, and root word games can and will encourage better writers… and better learners! Here are three ways to boost your student’s writing motivation:

  • Give them a clear goal – or have them choose a goal
  • Offer incentives to encourage intrinsic motivation
  • Make it fun!

If you’ve found other creative ideas that have been successful please share with our community as a comment below!


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