Sanity Savers for May Learning

vocab sanity saversCan you believe it’s May already? What happened to this school year? We  at Vocabulary Fun know from experience that kids just can’t help the “Spring Fever” that arrives along with sunny skies and green grass. Likewise, teachers can’t help but feel the edges of insanity when the whole classroom can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes!

So, how do you save your sanity and keep the kiddos learning? Easy – here are a few ideas to bring your student’s attention back to learning:

  • Break up the monotony – raise or lower your voice, sing or whisper, ring a bell, play some music -do something interesting to grab their attention!
  • Incorporate relevant tasks – Do you use printables? Here are some great FREE printables to help enrich your classroom.
  • Make a crazy statement. Children are often listening even when you think they aren’t. Making a thought provoking statement, a joke, or even an important newsworthy declaration will help get them back on task.
  • Use video or song. Are you teaching about science? Use a cool science video or song to help them remember facts.
  • Use a visual or sensory experience to keep the class focused.
  • Incorporate learning games into your lesson. These suffix games are great to add a bit of interest to a rather dry topic.

Leave a comment below if you’ve got any additional sanity savers you’d like to share with others!

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