3 Ways to Increase Reading Fluency

vocab three ways



Reading fluency is simply the act of reading well. NAEP statistics show that 40% of students are not reading above a fluency level in elementary school. This summer, take some time to raise your child’s reading level to fluent and above. Here are 3 great ways to accomplish that!


Slang Game1) Review phonics. Some children are just not ready when the “system” thinks they should be. Most of these students just don’t grasp the initial phonics lessons, so a good place to begin rebuilding is at the foundation. Try these phonics games to enhance the foundational skills needed for reading fluency.
2) Review sight words. Spelling City has alot to offer in this area, with pre made sight word lists that your child can review with games, sentence writing, and even practice tests.


Arachnid Falls3) Develop vocabulary and semantics. Vocabulary and reading are like two spokes in a wheel, inseparable and dependent on one another. As students increase their vocabulary understanding their reading fluency will also increase.


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