What’s Making You Miserable?

vocab whats making youSo, it’s the dog days of summer… right there at the end when everything is just hot, humid, and a little miserable. All this while we are trying to make our back to school plans. If you’re a parent or a teacher, you’re probably devising ways that you think might keep your students from being miserable in getting back to the “grind.”  Sure, learning is a challenge… but one that definitely doesn’t have to make our kids miserable. Learning should be just the opposite – FUN!

Here are some of my favorite ways to keep the kids from misery – and give them boatloads of fun.

If you’re kiddos have a tough time with learning spelling and vocabulary… (which btw, most of us do) try this unique spelling and vocabulary resource. My kiddos were definitely miserable when they had to write their spelling words 5x each every night. Is there any fun in that? Yet, when we started using the tons of games, reviews, and even sentence and paragraph writing exercises things changed. The kids actually enjoyed practicing vocabulary and spelling and the smiles returned.

Another area that I’ve noticed a dearth of learning fun would be in the younger science years. There are so many cool and intriguing science concepts that would be fun to explore… but most of the time the kids are learning from a cold, flat textbook. The science lessons and science teaching songs on Science4Us are super to put a smile on you kid’s faces and bring them back for more!!

We love practicing history facts, as well, with super fun games. In fact, we can learn the presidents with games from Learning Games for Kids.

Those are just a few of my favorites to keep the “misery” at bay… and make learning engaging and fun! What are some of your favorite learning resources?

For those homeschooling high school, there are amazing resources to help you simplify the process. Printable high school diplomas, high school transcript templates, and printable report card templates are all great for making record keeping as easy as possible.

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