Flip the Switch on Science

vocab FLIP the SwitchFor the most part, Americans don’t emphasize science in the early elementary years. In fact, science often gets relegated to the “if there is time” category for these young learners. Yet, it’s a well know fact that if students are given opportunity to experience science and all of the high interest investigative methods used to teach it they take science more seriously as they enter higher grade levels.

A great way to bring in science without setting aside “teaching” time is to include learning centers. I love these Pinterest Ideas for Science Centers.

For many who teach, it’s simply a matter time… time to teach science with all of it’s amazing aspects. If that’s the case centers help encourage scientific investigation without actual teaching time taken from the schedule. Though we homeschool, this time constraint was lifted when we began using Science4Us science learning. With interactive lessons and amazingly fun videos my little girls were able to get their scientific minds going even before they entered second grade.

We love science learning, with a little creativity you can pique your student’s interest for a lifetime!


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