Lesson Plan- Antonyms: Opposites Attract

vocab fun antonyms


Is that a fact? I’m not really sure that we could scientifically prove it, but in many things it really seems that way – especially when dealing with antonyms. Here’s your quick study guide/lesson plan for teaching the concept of antonyms.



1. Take the time to define what antonym means. Antonyms are two words that mean the opposite of each other. We could say that antonym=opposite

2. Demonstrate easy to understand antonyms first. (sharp-dull, fast-slow, active-lazy, stop-go) Move on to asking students to think of their own antonyms. You can also use vocabulary words to help students with understanding, start with these eighth grade vocabulary word lists and see how you do!

3. Use these antonym worksheets to review what you’ve taught.

K-2 printable antonym worksheet

3-5 printable antonym worksheet

6-8 printable antonym worksheet

9-12 printable antonym worksheet

4. Introduce your class to an antonym spelling list for this week.

K-2 spelling list

3-5 spelling list

6-8 spelling list

9-12 spelling list

5. Play antonym review games that support the lesson, or these Vocab Fun antonym games.


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