Let’s Get Down to Business

VF januaryIt’s a new year! Sounding a bit like “Captain Obvious”, but it’s the perfect time to reset and refocus. Let’s take a look at our kids and how they are doing. When I do this, I don’t just take into account the grades that they are getting, but also how they feel about what they are learning.  You can do this informally by random conversation, or sit down and formally go through it.

Once you know where they have literal deficiencies and even where they don’t feel confident you can start them on a drill and practice course of study. This is where I plug in a lot of the learning games from Vocab Fun. They bring my child’s attention back to areas that need some practice, all while giving them a fun outlet in which to accomplish it. Some of my favorites for this are the Parts of Speech games. It seems my kids usually have a difficult time understanding those niggly grammar details.We love the 6th grade vocabulary games at VSC with challenging words and fun games that help us with comprehension. We also love to use the math games over at Learning Games for Kids to help brush up on math skills that might be daunting!

If your student is having difficulty with writing, a convenient and affordable way to give them the extra practice and “teacher” attention that they might need is through a personalized online writing course called Time4Writing. We’ve used this before and it was a huge help!

Finally, if your child is struggling with spelling, there is an amazing way you can get them help without breaking the bank. Vocabulary Spelling City has been a total game changer at our house. I enter my kiddo’s list and then they can practice with MANY different fun games. They can even do practice tests, and a final graded test. This also works great for homeschool families because it alleviates the need for books and separate testing each week. It’s very convenient, and you can sign up for a free account!

So, it’s January …only a few months till summer and the end of the school term…so let’s get down to business to ensure our kids get what they need in the new year!



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