Mad about Learning?

Haven’t you ever wished that your kiddos would up and want to learn about all the amazing wonders of the world… on their own? So often it takes teacher/parent interaction to motivate them to learn. Sadly, most of this is a product of the competition between learning and videos games, movies, and TV. How can we get our kiddos so interested in learning that their “Mad about it!?”

  1. Take away the competition. Removing distractions can create an atmosphere more conducive to learning!
  2. Read Read READ. If your child does one thing… get them to read. Reading books is truly the fundamental key to learning. Not to mention books open up another world and cause children to learn things that they otherwise would not have.
  3. Exemplify the importance of learning. Showing your children/students that learning is very important will cause them to adopt those feelings. Remember, more is caught than taught. This is true for all of us. Children who are encouraged and supported when the do want to learn will find it a positive experience and continue. Engage in whatever they are learning from school lessons, online learning, or learning at home be their support system.
  4. Bribe them if needed. Yes, that sounds horrible but it’s true. Giving them a reward for study or reaching goals is a very effective motivator. Use whatever activity the child loves best to reward them. “When you finish writing that essay, you can go to Susan’s house to play.”
  5. Don’t be afraid to use games. Learning games have been proven over the years to support concept understanding and fact retention. The incorporation of education with games is not a new concept. Teachers/parents have been using games to help students acquire knowledge for centuries. This is founded on the foundational concept that children learn through play. The new aspect of this is the addition of technology to the mix of learning through play. Same idea, new game!

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