Need Help With Your Child’s Writing?

t4w_realTeachers_570x260 (1)Now that you’ve had a chance to look back on the school year so far, you may be realizing that there are specific “gaps” in your child’s education. If one of those gaps is with writing, it’s natural for you to want to step in and help. But, maybe you aren’t sure how. Or, maybe you really shouldn’t because writing isn’t any area of strength for you and you run the risk of teaching your child incorrect writing practices. If you read the reviews of popular writing curriculum you will see this is one of the more commonly cited reasons homeschool parents turn to an outside resource.

It’s OK if you just don’t feel comfortable or confident teaching writing. You are not alone. It’s one of the reasons Time4Writing is a great alternative to trying to go it alone, or hiring an expensive tutor.

Each 8-week Time4Writing course includes a real, certified teacher who is ready to help your child be the best writer they can be. Your child’s teacher will grade each assignment as well as provide real, honest feedback and encouragement along the way. In the end, you’ll see real writing progress and a student who’s confident and empowered. Time4Writing has multiple courses for elementary grade levels through high school that can fit into any child’s schedule because they are completed online – – at any time from any internet-ready device.

Time4Writing courses include activities and assignments that cover the basics and also explain the complex and technical aspects of writing in a way that any student will understand. Students log into the secure Time4Writing virtual campus when they are ready to learn. The software is built in and there is nothing to download to your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Time4Writing is ready to start when you are. When you register, you’ll be able to start immediately, and begin to fill those writing gaps!

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