Focus on Math this Spring

vocab may mathThere are a few good methods that are sure fire ways to help youngsters learn math. These don’t seem like much, but when put together it forms a comprehensive method of learning/teaching math that will have kids calculating in no time!

1. Did you know that kids cannot assimilate a lot of math instruction at a time. It’s best to teach math facts in small increments, a little at a time.

2. It’s important to use the mastery learning principle when teaching math. Teach a new concept only once the students have mastered the foundational concept prior. When we master a concept it becomes automatic in our thinking. Mastery of vocabulary works much the same way, you can find math vocabulary in this fifth grade vocabulary listing.

3. Memorize facts as a verbal expression. Seven times one equals seven. When facts are memorized in this way, students will have complete the sentence with the answer.

4. A daily practice or routine is important for learning math facts. Routine practice and review of the concepts is vital for retention.

5. Feedback in regards to the students progress is very important. Immediate feedback gives the students a guideline as to what whether they are going in the right direction or not.


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