3 Spectacular Ways to Brush Up Your Vocabulary

VF Brush Up your vocabSummer is drawing to a close, and with “back-to-school” looming around the corner there are loads of things that need a little brush up. We at Vocabulary Fun are all about helping kids, teens, and even adults brush up on learning skills. In the summer, we all tend to take a break but our brains suffer from all that idleness. Right now is the perfect time to “brush up” on that vocabulary without “hitting the books.”

Science Brush Up – -Are you needing a boost in science skills? Raising comprehension of science vocabulary terms is proven to aid in understanding science concepts. Boost your science vocabulary in any grade, but check out this one for 2nd grade vocabulary words. You’re K-3rd grader would find Science4Us an engaging way to raise science understanding in an animated and fun way.  Science4Us was designed to challenge young learners and awaken interest in the sciences while they are young.

Vocabulary Brush Up – – Of course, comprehension and vocabulary building is always something that needs attention. Children, teens, and even adults can benefit from vocabulary instruction. In fact, we never stop benefiting. Learn a new word a day, study the vocabulary for a new concept, or even review literature vocabulary. Our 8 year old absolutely loves to work on 3rd grade vocabulary word lists with games and puzzles. It’s something that will make its mark long after you’ve finished the lesson for the day.

Brush Up Your Roots – Words are made from “root words.” So, a good vocabulary has everything to do with understanding your root words. Brush up your root words with root word games.

Bonus Brush Up!!

Finger Brush up – – It’s no secret that today’s learner is frequently in front of a keyboard. Don’t let your student(s) pick up bad habits, these typing games are fun and engaging, yet teach them to properly keyboard. This enables the student to move from frustrated typing skills to be more focused on learning and achieving.

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