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Did you know that…

  1. 70% of reading comprehension problems can be traced to vocabulary issues? (VSC, Vocabulary Building for Elementary School Students)

This statistic brings us to a clearer understanding of how students learn and comprehend. Vocabulary instruction is clearly far more important than we have historically practiced. With this in mind, using automated online drill and practice to reinforce vocabulary learning is integral to mastery. To maximize comprehension the process cannot be an isolated weekly spelling and vocabulary list, but a rotational review of words that can reinforce reading comprehension. This is easily accomplished through online vocabulary practice.

2. These vocabulary issues can be remediated several ways. (White paper on Effective Vocabulary Building, VSC)

  • Engaging activities are incorporated into vocabulary instruction and can be used in content-specific areas;
  • Activities incorporate direct instruction, strategic word selection, spaced study practice, and multiple word exposures using multiple modalities, into an existing curriculum;
  • Teachers can easily design and manage a routine that introduces new words, review explicitly taught words not yet mastered, and revisit words previously taught, whether mastered or not;
  • Teachers can track individual student understanding and performance on key words;
  • Students get immediate feedback during practice and after assessments, allowing them to work independently and take responsibility for their own learning.

Vocabulary Fun offers free vocabulary learning games as well as parts of speech, syntax, and phonics games. Using game learning, is a great way to achieve consistent vocabulary review without over taxing the student.

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