4 Online Secrets to Writing Fluency

4 Online Secrets to Writing FluencySo, what is the key to writing with ease? Some educators say it’s practice, while others might argue that it is invariably a combination of word and vocabulary skills. In either case, our students will undoubtedly benefit from both. Which is why a combination of writing practice, vocabulary drills, sentence writing, and even parts of speech practice is sure to benefit the budding writer. Over the years of teaching students from all walks of life with all types of talents these 4 online resources stand to highly impact the fluency of your student’s writing.

  1. Online sentence writing practice couldn’t get more exciting. These activities were developed particularly to enable students to write more effectively from the vocabulary words they are learning. These activities are individualized and students can even have the computer read their sentence or paragraph to them.  Hearing their own writing read aloud helps many students revise their work.
  2. Use instructional videos to help educate students on good writing habits. These videos are free and are a wonderful online resource.
    Subject/Verb agreement Students learn the basic idea of subject verb agreement and what to look for when choosing the correct verb form.
    Crazy Commas Students learn three basic comma rules and view examples to help them better understand.
    More Comma Rules Students learn additional comma rules, why proper comma usage is important and how they help make the meaning of a sentence clear.
    Declarative/Interrogative Sentences Students learn about these two different sentence types and what the end punctuation should be for each one.
    Imperative/Exclamatory Sentences Students learn what each of these sentence types accomplish, view examples of each and learn about the punctuation used for each one.
  3. Graphic Organizers for writing. Confused writers can go from incoherent writing to writing a cohesive paragraph simply by using a graphic organizer. There is something about the way the graphics divide the thoughts into easier to manage sentences. Which, completed one at a time will amount to a great paragraph in the end.
  4. Gaining a good understanding of synonyms, antonyms, and root words is essential to being a great writer. These are, of course, some of our favorite ways to learn about these special word groups. Learning games make learning fun. And, using synonyms, antonyms, and root words creatively can make all the difference when you are writing or journaling.


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