Perfecting Writing Skills Painlessly?

Perfecting Writing SkillsA limited vocabulary will seriously affect writing success. This helps us understand the connection between vocabulary and writing – ultimately improving vocabulary will improve writing skills. So, you’re wondering –  how do you improve vocabulary skills? There are many ways but the best and most effective is to read. read. read.  Beyond reading there are other ways such as introducing a new vocabulary word each week with the goal of using it 5 times that week in normal conversation. Learning root words as well as suffix and prefix meaning is also highly beneficial. Another great way to increase vocabulary, especially for younger children is through vocabulary games.

Free Prefix Games     Free Root Word Games     Free Suffix Games

Also, it’s fun to amp up writing skills with free writing videos!

Interesting Sentences

Making Interesting Sentences

Closing or Concluding Sentences

Closing or Concluding Sentences

Run-on and Fragments

Run-ons and Fragments

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