Tips for Becoming a Spelling Bee Star!

Tips for Becoming a Spelling Bee Star!The spelling bee is as American as baseball and apple pie, a tradition now almost a hundred years old. Spelling Bees are a great motivator for spelling and reading success. Getting started on the spelling bee track isn’t as difficult as you’d think.

  1. Find the bee that you want to enter and request registration info.
  2. Read the rules to make sure you fit within their guidelines.
  3. Enter and pay the registration.

Prepare for the Bee by:

  1. Obtaining a practice word list. Divide these words into words you know and words you don’t know.
  2. Read. Read. Read.
  3. Study root words and word patterns.
  4. Study your list and use a variety of ways to get the words to stick.
    1. Write words on sticky notes and place around the house.
    2. Writing words you don’t know 2 or 3 times per day
    3. Use Spelling software or online programs such as Spelling City
    4. Have practice spelling bees with a friend
  5. Put your new words into practice. Use a new word in a sentence in regular conversation each day.
  6. Don’t just leave it there… all those new words need regular spelling practice!

Time for the bee:

  1. Eat well – proteins and carbs
  2. Get plenty of rest
  3. Take breaks – you can overload your brain by pushing too hard.
  4. Carry a special item with you as you study your words for months in advance – make sure to bring that item with you to the spelling bee. It will give you comfort and may even trigger your memory!

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