3 Things Your Kids Don’t Need This Summer

3 Things You Don't Need This SummerEveryone from the littles all the way up to grandparents look forward to summer time… but most especially the schoolchildren (and of course, the teachers/parents). Summer is awesome – the perfect time to get that Vitamin D, a tan, beach time, swim time… the list could go on but there are a few things we don’t need to get during the summer.

  1. The loss of reading achievement. Sadly, if our kiddos do nothing over the summer months but swim and play they will lose several months of reading progress. That’s right, statistics from Oxford Learning show that by taking the summer off reading skills suffer. An easy way to fix this is to have your kids take on a reading challenge. Don’t just mandate a list – but encourage them to have input and then establish a prize or reward to maximize motivation!
  2. The Loss of Math Skills. We know it’s so wonderful to take lazy days at the beach or by the pool… but too many of those and your kiddo will need some serious review in the fall. There are statistics that show children lose several months worth of math learning if they do nothing to challenge their analytical/mathematical thinking during the summer. A simply fix is to set a side a few minutes every morning before the fun starts to review math facts or to play an online math game. This proves to be just enough to stave off the summer brain drain!
  3. Overall learning skills suffer by 6 or more weeks. You heard that right, and this is the most common reason as to why classroom teachers spend weeks reviewing material when children return back to school in the fall. We are advocates of summer fun, but also of summer brain challenge! Statistics show that if students spend 30 minutes 5 times a week on math, science or other learning skills they will avoid summer learning loss. Taking a little bit of time each morning right after breakfast to read a book, play a learning game, or use a summer online school will be all your student needs to keep the learning loss at bay.

We love to hear about creative ways to keep our kiddos learning… if you have some great ideas or resources please share them with us!

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