July 4th Learning Fun!

Independence Day Games!July is here and with it the middle of summer! Time is flying by, and it’ll be back to school before you know it. Which is why we think now is the perfect time to review some vocabulary skills and rehearse what we’ve learned before school let out.

It’s a fact that teachers often spend the first few weeks of the new back to school term reviewing what was taught prior to summer vacation. Let’s go easy on our classroom teachers, and keep our brains fresh this summer! Reviewing analytical thinking, vocabulary skills, and even just plain reading is enough to avoid learning loss. But, July is a patriotic month and a perfect time to learn with patriotic games.

  1. July is the perfect month to read up on the History of the U.S. and other patriotic books. Some of our favorite include: The Homegrown Historian, The Revolutionary War Adventure, Pioneer Adventure
  2. Fourth of July Vocabulary and Spelling List with FREE games
  3. Independence Day Trivia Quiz
  4. U.S. President’s Games – over 25 to choose from!
  5. U.S. State Games

Let’s not be like this – American’s Who Don’t Know Trivia about their own country!

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