Why Bring Fall into Your Vocabulary Lesson

You can feel it in the air, crisp and cool; bringing with it apple cider and falling leaves. Fall is here and it’s super fun to incorporate the changing season into your daily and weekly vocabulary lessons. Adding word lists that contain all the season’s best descriptors makes for a fun English vocabulary learning opportunity.

It’s a proven fact that students are more motivated to learn when learning is fun. With just a little thought, teachers can make spelling and vocabulary study fun again by using themes and seasons for a fun twist on literacy study. Here are a few of our favorite resources for integrating fall themed spelling and vocabulary word lists into your daily studies.

Fall Vocabulary Words

Fall Vocabulary and Spelling List

Harvest Vocabulary and Spelling List

Weather Learning Resources

Play Weather Learning Games

Learn about weather at Science4Us

Categorizing Helps Memory

It’s a proven fact that using categories and categorizing new vocabulary and spelling words help students connect and sort meaning. This is another support for using thematic word lists to help your students meet learning and literacy success. We hope you have fun adding some golden, crisp, and maybe even pumpkin oriented labels for your fall vocabulary learning.





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