A Comparison of Spelling Abilities for 4th, 5th, and 6th Grades 2

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A Comparison Of Spelling Abilities For 4th, 5th, and 6th Grades


By Grade 4 at school, children will be developing more complex awareness of spelling, and the various ways vowels, and syllables work, and combine, and this progresses right through to Grade 6 by which time students will be fathoming the ever greater depths of the English language such as “diphthongs,” and accented syllables.

This all begins in Grade 4 with the study of monosyllables in words such as dock, free, band, and pipe, in lesson 1, to the silent “b” in the middle, and end of words.

In Grade 5, things hot up with students looking at groups of letters within word constructs, such as ‘igh,’ ‘oa,’ ‘shr,’ and ‘thr’, in the first lesson, to the sound, and way double “o” is used in words such as ‘wood’, and ‘good’.

Grade 6 teaching starts with a look at the long use of the letter ‘u’ in ‘juice’, or ‘mutiny,’ through to words accented on the first syllable such as ‘forest’, or ‘equal’.

This of course is but a small sample of the spelling abilities that are nurtured in Grades 4 to 6, as there are plenty of other diverse elements to be encountered along the road to obtaining an adequate standard of literacy by the end of the 6th Grade school year.

Parents of course will be playing a vital supporting role during these important learning cycles, and no doubt schoolteachers will be encouraging them to participate as much as they can with their child’s development.

But having the time to do so isn’t always easy if both parents are working, and maybe on night shifts, or have other commitments that prevent enough time being spent on spelling.

That’s why the advent of good computer software is a blessing, and why programs such as Ultimate Spelling are so popular because they can take over when parents are unavailable. That’s the beauty of computers, and the Internet, and why downloads of educational software are flooding into homes every day.

Ultimate Spelling is one of the better ones because it is produced by eReflect, one of the top names in educational software. And like all experts in their field they know that simple is best. It is often said that doing the simple thing is the hardest, and that would appear to be the case when you take a look at the other spelling products on the market.

However, eReflect have no such trouble, and have easily combined ease-of-use with simplicity to produce a piece of software that is not only instructive, effective, and rewarding, but is loads of fun too. The main attraction is the 100 word lists that have been specially put together for each school Grade 1-10, which in turn contains a further 10 lists per grade, so that parents are safe in the knowledge that their child is learning the correct words. The instant feedback facility is also a big plus, so that children can move swiftly from word to word during their practice every time they get one correct. With a host of other functions that take the drudgery out of learning to spell, it is little wonder it is such a popular program.

That is why any parent’s child from Grades 4-6 will be thanking them for buying Ultimate Spelling, or, in the words of eReflect Director Marc Slater, “will be begging them to learn”.