A Great Speed Reading Program

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A Great Speed Reading Program

There are a lucky few of us that are able to speed read and still understand everything that they are reading. But not all of us are that lucky. We have to have some kind of training to teach us how to speed read. We have to find a program that will help us learn the techniques needed to speed read and learn to comprehend what we are reading.

There is speed reading programs that can help you learn all of this. We are going to talk about the 7 Speed Reading Software program. This program does all that we have said above and so much more.

A good speed reading program needs to start with breaking old reading habits and this is what the 7 Speed Reading Software Program does. In fact this is the first strategy they have. They teach you ways to break those old habits and then start learning new ones that will benefit you. They have 15 different activities that will help you with this.

A good speed reading program must also give you videos to watch so then you can learn step by step. The 7 Speed Reading Software program also gives you this. They have personalized videos intended for just the level that you are at. A instructor will go step by step with you so that you understand everything.

Also a good speed reading program should offer more then just their basic boring reading materials. The 7 Speed Reading program will do this for you also. They offer Wiki- Connect. This will allow you to find books, articles and many other sites of reading materials to read from. This will keep you from losing interest.

You will always want to know if you are progressing like you should be. The 7 Speed Reading program takes care of this too. It has a tracking tool that will let you know where you are on your speed reading and your comprehension.

There is something else that the 7 Speed Reading programs offers that a lot of other programs do not offer and this is it has a section on Eye and Body health. It is important that you train your eyes to be able to read fast but still keep them healthy.

The 7 Speed Reading program will track your whole family’s progress. This is a program that you can include your whole family in. This way your whole family is learning how to speed read at the same time. This can really benefit your children in school. This program is designed for children as young as 5 years old.

A good speed reading program should also concentrate on comprehension. It will not do you any good if you learn to speed read but you do not retain anything that you read. The 7 Speed Reading Program is designed to teach you how to comprehend everything you read. You will feel like you have a photographic memory. This program can have you speed reading in record time.