A Quick Guide to the Best Speed Reading Software

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A Quick Guide to the Best Speed Reading Software

If you are looking to increase your speed of reading and comprehend more of what you are reading then this is for you: the speed reading software – a guide. The following outline will help you to choose the proper software for helping you reach your speed reading goals.

First and foremost you want to pick a software that has a proven track record. Look for a program that has several comments and reviews from satisfied users. People that have truly had success with a software system and are willing to share their success with others are a valuable learning resource.
Secondly, you would like to see a system that is capable of pointing out your current weaknesses as they pertain to reading. Any system that just tells you your reading speed will increase and does not take the time to assess your current level and abilities is not worth the money. In addition to pointing out areas that need work, the software should have a comprehensive plan for teaching you how to read faster. Anybody can be a critic and point out a fault. But true teachers are able to turn those faults around.

Thirdly, and likely just as important as learning to actually read faster, is making sure your level of comprehension stays at least the same if not better with faster reading time. Learning to read at a much faster rate is almost worthless if you cannot remember and recall the information that you read.

After considering the points of the speed reading software – a guide, there is one clear software that meets all these criteria; the 7 Speed Reading system.

The 7 Speed Reading system was designed by scientists to ensure that the techniques used are truly effective. The 7 Speed Reading system is designed to actually teach its users how to read faster and comprehend more by following along with the exercises. The exercises are laid out in a progressive manner so that the users are not left on their own when trying to put the system to use.
The software has video lessons as well. These video lessons act almost like a private teacher, demonstrating to the users the proper ways for learning and implementing the new techniques for speed reading.

Besides the excellent video lessons the system offers far reaching exercises. Many of the competitor software only offer 4 or 5 exercises to teach and instruct users on improving reading speed. The 7 Speed Reading program has 15 exercises that cover a deeper range of topics to help people reach their full reading potential.

The 7 Speed Reading software has bee proven to help people increase their reading by as much as 5 times their current speed. Every user is different and results will vary somewhat, but the system has been proven to be very effective.