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A Review of the Best Spelling Program

The dreaded spelling test – in some schools, it’s still every Friday. Children in school should not be having panic attacks because of spelling test. There has to be an easier way to teach children spelling, an easier way that is so much fun that instead of you, the parent, forcing the kid, to study, you practically have to drag your child away from his learning. That would be an awesome tool, but only if you believe in miracles. Do you?

Both your faith and your strong desire to see your child succeed have been rewarded. There is an educational resource that is effective and fun. It is the Ultimate Spelling Software Package.

Of course, you want the best product, with the highest proven success rate. Who wouldn’t want this for his child? Then you’re still on the right page because Ultimate Spelling is the best spelling program on the market.

Why is Ultimate Spelling the Best Spelling Program?

It truly is hard out there for a kid. Today’s first graders have cell phones, Twitter accounts, and virtual lives; some even have love interests at such a young age. As these students grow older, they are surrounded by even more distractions. The older you get; the less interested you are in studying for anything, least of all something as boring as spelling.

Consumer and software reviews cite this factor as one of the main reasons why the Ultimate Spelling software package is the best of the best. This software is the only one in the industry that actually encourages children to learn. Encourage probably isn’t even a strong enough word. Ultimate Spelling makes kids want to learn.

The innovative features of this software are highly praised by educational specialists, software designers, parents, and even students themselves. Some of the favorite Ultimate Spelling Elements are

1) Ultimate Spelling has and does it all. You do not have to go out and buy a bunch of accessories in order to get the best benefits from this product. It comes with over 100 preloaded spelling lists, a gigantic dictionary and thesaurus (with over 140,000 words and examples), and it features a real human voice capable of calling out over 20,000 words to the user. In addition, the package is filled with fun, interactive activities that will hold your child’s interest for years.

2) Despite the phrase “no child left behind”, students are being left behind every day in classrooms. Half of all high school graduates in America can barely spell ten countries outside of the United States. The Ultimate Spelling program never leaves a child behind. It does not move to the next level until a child can spell every single word in a lesson. This is a wonderful attribute of the program. Using the software, alone and unwatched by mocking classmates and a teacher who really wants to move on, a student can learn at his own pace and even work ahead on his school lists so he won’t be as nervous about his future spelling assignments.

3) No matter how old you are, everybody wants praise and positive reinforcement. Eventually, when you do not receive these affirmations enough and grow tired of working for nothing, you stop working. The Ultimate Spelling program rewards correct answers immediately. This instills confidence in the speller and allows him to take pride in his achievements.

4) There is never the need to estimate your progress with Ultimate Spelling. With just a few clicks, students and their parents can instantly check progress. Nothing makes a person feel better than to see themselves making improvements. This is fantastic motivational tool which can be proudly displayed in attractive, visual representations.

The Ultimate Spelling software program is considered to be the best spelling program because of these great features and many more. Each day, this product goes under review to thousands of students, parents, and teachers. They all agree it is ultimately the best spelling resource around today.