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A Review Of The Best Spelling Program

The best spelling computer software program currently available is Ultimate Spelling by eReflect. It is the best simply because it does everything a home-study tutorial should do, in a fun, and instructive way that produces real effective results.

New on the market, Ultimate Spelling provides ease of use within a simple, but hugely rewarding program that can have students improving their spelling within minutes.

eReflect are educational software experts, and have been steadily developing their range of programs since 2006 when they first launched Ultimate Vocabulary to huge applause. Ultimate Spelling follows on from that success in the same manner, and contains a number of excellent features for users young, and old.

Recognizing that the market for a no-nonsense but fun approach to a spelling tutorial for PCs, and laptops was evidently required as more, and more people sought to tackle their literacy deficiencies, eReflect put their expert minds to the task, and have created this gem of a product.

Leading with the declaration that Ultimate Spelling contains “7 Learning Advantages,” the program has addressed all the main areas that need to be covered in a good piece of software.

Firstly, and most importantly, the program has been designed to provide instant feedback for users when practicing their spelling, so that every time a word is typed, and the answer button clicked, the correct spelling is revealed immediately. Obviously, this is a big plus, and is very rewarding for the spelling student. It is also to the creator’s credit that the program doesn’t allow the spelling student to move on to the next word until they have successfully completed at least one correct spelling of the word being practiced.

Another asset is the 100-word list that has been incorporated into the program specially selected for schoolchildren in Grades 1-10. Within each Grade list are a further 10 lists with words progressing in difficulty for that particular grade. This is great because it means school students can be confident they are learning the right words for their age group. But that is not all, for the program also allows users to input their own lists. This too is a neat little feature, as it enables students to focus on the words they have the most trouble with.

A further advantage to the Ultimate Spelling program is the personalized tracking system that continuously monitors the development of the student, charting the progress on a unique graph.

But what makes Ultimate Spelling ideal for both children, and adults, is the huge dictionary/thesaurus that has been built into the program. There are an amazingly diverse 142,647 words, which should keep the more able adults looking to expand their knowledge very satisfied indeed.

An extra feature that will please Internet surfers is the access the program gives to Word Discover thus enabling the curious speller to seek out further information on words that take their interest, and there is also the option of having Windows Messenger supply pop-up indicators with a spelling-checker/reminder while users are engaged in “live” chatting.

All in all, it has to be said, Ultimate Spelling is ultimately the best spelling improvement program money can buy.