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Note: If you really want to take your (or your child’s) spelling to the next level, we highly recommend that you check out the popular Ultimate Spelling Software. Click here for more information

Adult Spelling Programs: How They Can Help You

Adult spelling programs for the computer can be of immense help for those looking to brush up on their ability to stay on par with their children, or who really need to improve if they are going to get out of that job rut.

The importance of being able to spell well should not be underestimated. It is empowering, and helps foster good self-esteem. Being illiterate is probably one of the worst words to be with “ill” in it. And yet overcoming bad spelling is easy…especially with a decent piece of computer software to work with.

There are a handful on the market that can easily be located on the Internet by placing a simple “learn to spell” in the google search box. The main ones of interest that you will find listed are: Spellzone, Personal Best Spelling, Spelling Made Simple, SpellQuizzer, BigIQkids, iSpellwell, and Ultimate Spelling.

Having previewed all of these, Ultimate Spelling easily comes out on top mainly because it is so easy to use. The website for one thing is straight forward, and to the point, and very easy to read. It is easy to navigate too, as it is all on one page, which save s a lot of time, and effort browsing. Other programs looked at are just so fussy, and over-laden with color, and graphics/icons/images. All you want to know is what the program you are looking at does, and Ultimate Spelling does that beautifully. You get an instant idea of what you would be buying, and in fact you will more than likely be getting that credit card out of your wallet within minutes of seeing how good this program is.

Although the creators of the program eReflect offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and full refund if the program does not meet your needs after 3 months, it is highly unlikely you will need to do that after exploring the capability of Ultimate Spelling. On the contrary, once you have started spelling those awkward words correctly, you won’t be able to stop practicing. It is simply that good.

With Ultimate Spelling you get the choice of studying current curriculum words being learned by children in school, as well as a vast dictionary of nearly 143,000 words to practice with. There are 100 school-based word lists for children in Grades 1-10 (with 10 progressive lists per Grade), which is especially good if you are an adult who has missed out on spelling lessons in childhood, and want to improve, or keep pace with your children.

But the other useful function you get with Ultimate Spelling is the chance to build your own word list into a separate file, which is handy if you have a selection of words that you just can’t get your head around, and want to practice until you get it right.

Best of all though, is the fact that after you type a word during the tests/drills, and click the “answer” button, you get an instant response. If you have spelled the word right you can move on to the next word, but if you have spelled it incorrectly you will have to try again. In fact Ultimate Spelling won’t let you go until you have spelled that particular word right!

Is there a better way to learn how to spell? Not when you have Ultimate Spelling on your PC.