An Excellent Method Of Expanding Vocabulary

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An excellent method of expanding vocabulary

There are many methods of expanding vocabulary, but one of the very best is to simply subscribe to a periodical or magazine whose content is slightly too complex for the level of your vocabulary. This will ensure that you come into contact with a steady stream of words that you would not otherwise usually come into contact with. This is a very important beginning. Another thing that you can do is to join your local library and hunt up books that are similarly slightly too complex for your vocabulary. These periodicals and books are what we call ‘source material’ and we will, in this article, show you how to use this source material effectively to enhance and build up your vocabulary.

Now, when you read through the journal, periodical or magazine, or even book, you’ll find that most of it is easy for you to understand. But you’ll find that now and again you come across a word that you don’t recall having come across before. That’s the time to back up a little and take a good look at it, because it’s an addition to your increasing vocabulary. Read the paragraph again, and the sentence in which you find the word. What does it mean? Try to unlock it’s meaning on your own, before referring to a dictionary. Perhaps you might get it right – often, like as not, you’ll get it wrong. But that’s not important. What’s important is that, in puzzling and thinking over that word, you will throughly remember it, and having remembered it, you can, even if you got the meaning wrong the first time, still easily look up the right meaning. The important thing is to remember the new words that you learn, after all.

Now, once you’ve put that word firmly into your memory banks comes the even more important part – learning just how to use it. This is a crucial aspect of expanding vocabulary. Remember, you’ll just sound like a fraud if you try to use a word that should be used one way, in any other way. Also remember that it’s totally unnecessary to speak ‘over’ your audience. What I mean is that it’s the height of bad manners to purposely use big words that you know your audience will not understand. A good vocabulary is for expressing yourself with, not to be a snob with, after all. Use a big word when it is right to use it, and not otherwise. Use complex words when you are among complex people, having complex conversations.

Learning to use a word can be simple indeed. Take the very paragraph in the book or magazine in which you found the new word, and rewrite it. Re write the paragraph, in different words, but making sure that you use the new word (or words) that you’ve learned. A month or two of practicing these simple principles and you’ll find that you have a constantly increasing vocabulary.