Anyone Can Learn Speed Reading

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Anyone Can Learn Speed Reading

A lot of people can learn speed reading to increase their productivity. Slow readers may only read 200 words per minute; this is a small fraction of a page of text. Naturally fast readers can do 600 words per minute or more, and speed increases with practice. Many people do not want to learn speed reading because they have been told it reduced reading comprehension. Actually, many studies have found that comprehension improves with reading speed because the reader can absorb the entire idea in the sentence or paragraph. This is much more effective than trying to sort out one word at a time and then reread the passage in order to find the actual meaning. When you learn to speed read, you also learn to speed up your comprehension.

The first step to reading faster is to make sure you are taking proper care of your eyes. This part of reading often neglected, and people attempt to read faster while fighting glare or squinting through irritated eyes. Basic eye care includes reading in proper lighting and correcting eye problems like nearsightedness by wearing glasses or contact lenses. You will read better and faster when your eyes can do their job comfortably.

Another often neglected component to good reading is the environment. You simply will not read as fast or comprehend as much in a noisy or uncomfortable environment. Find a quiet place to read, and avoid distractions. Sit comfortably, and use good posture. Make sure you can stay still for a while without getting sore, and be sure to breathe properly. This type of environment will naturally increase your reading speed.

There are several different ways to learn speed reading. There are a variety of one-day and two-day seminars offered by various speed reading teachers. Try to avoid any teacher who claims that you will be able to read significantly faster than 1,000 words per minute. Some of these speed reading methods have been proven to actually slow down reading while decreasing comprehension at the same time. Some colleges also offer speed reading classes. The disadvantage to seminars and classes is that they are usually quite expensive. A seminar or class also stops being useful after you leave, you will be on your own for practice and evaluation.

There are many different books that can help you learn to speed read. Many of these have exercises for expanding your field of vision and reducing the number of times you have to reread something. Some books even offer guided practice text and have comprehension tests to make sure you are retaining the information. Books are an inexpensive way to learn speed reading.

A more modern way to learn speed reading is through the use of computer software. These programs can include flashcards, vision exercises, and guided practice texts to help you build your skills from whatever level you are currently at. Some programs help you with a specific type of speed reading, and can help you read test on a computer screen faster. Speed reading on a screen can be very different because you can’t follow the text with your finger, or turn pages.