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Best Way To Increase Vocabulary

Undoubtedly the best way to increase vocabulary is with computer software packages. Other methods such as plain reading, word games, self-help videos, DVDs, and CDs are all valid, and can help in their own way, but if you want to get long-lasting, positive results quickly, then you will be better off if you choose learning by computer.

Why is using a computer the best way to increase vocabulary? Well, just ask yourself what is more convenient – wading through a massive dictionary finding words, taking notes, closing the book, then returning to it to check you have spelled it right, and got the correct definition, or using a computer where everything you need comes up on a handy screen, and keeps all your notes, exercises, tests, word lists and dictionary all in one place? Besides, try and find anyone who doesn’t think using a computer is fun.

As the saying goes these days, it’s a no-brainer. And when you look at all the features a software program has, you will see for yourself that home study on a computer is the only way to go.

You will find quite quickly there are a few to choose from when you begin searching on the Internet, but you will also quickly find that the best way to increase vocabulary is with Ultimate Vocabulary. It is the name that keeps cropping up the most, and that’s because this particular program has had the most positive reviews, and recommendations of all the packages available. It is also one the better priced at just $67 for the entire program.

So, come on then, what is so great about Ultimate Vocabulary you might well be saying.

For one thing, you get the biggest dictionary base with Ultimate Vocabulary. There are exactly 142,647 words that come with the program, plus 10,000 that have been designated as ‘must know’ words. When you consider other programs have just over 2,000, or in some cases only 400, then you can tell you are already getting great value for money in your efforts to increase your vocabulary. Also, when you consider that there are 500,000 words in the English language, you can appreciate just how much there is to learn! And the fact that the average adult only knows about 30,000 words, you can see how thorough Ultimate Vocabulary has been in filling its dictionary with new words for people to become acquainted with.

But what is also another useful feature of Ultimate Vocabulary that makes it the best way to increase your vocabulary is the fact you can build your own word lists. If you did happen to come across a word that is not in the Ultimate Vocabulary dictionary, then you can add it to your file, and put it with your new active vocabulary.

The other killer features in Ultimate Vocabulary is the 6 different exercises/tests you get which focus on Words, Spelling, Definition, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Word Recall. You get access to 50 word usage examples per word, over 20,000 audio pronunciations (via a human voice), and a special customized progress chart so you can monitor your vocabulary improvement. The ability to get online for further study, and reminder messages from Windows Messenger also means you can keep on learning, even when you are having fun on the net.

The best way to increase vocabulary? Try Ultimate Vocabulary and see. You can always get your money back if not satisfied.