Breakthrough Rapid Reading

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Breakthrough Rapid Reading

Peter Kump authored an exceptional book titled Breakthrough Rapid Reading that has become the cornerstone for many speed reading programs. His book is still in use today for people looking to improve their reading speed.

Peter Kump originally worked for Evelyn Wood, another pioneer in the subject of speed reading. Peter’s time with Evelyn Wood helped him to expand on what he learned and develop his own system.

The Breakthrough Rapid Reading book expanded on eliminating subvocalization by using your index finger. Using your finger when you read keeps your eyes and mind in a continual state of moving forward. This prevents the mind from pronouncing the words as you read since your hand moves at a pace that is faster than the mind can pronounce the words.

Along with the finger technique he also introduced what we today call mind maps. A single line is drawn with a word that sums up the major points of the reading material. Additional lines are drawn from this main line to add supporting ideas. This techniques helps with recall as well as retention.

As the user moves through the Breakthrough Rapid Reading book he/she is introduced to more techniques that will further help increase reading speed. Many people feel that this book is a great beginner book for learning to speed read.

People that have used the Breakthrough Rapid Reading book have reported wonderful success with it. The instructions are easy to follow and the exercises help the user to get a better feel for using the techniques.

The organizational and recall lessons are especially helpful. The primary purpose for today’s reading is to be able to remember the information when it is needed, whether it is for school, work, or pleasure.