Building Your Business Vocabulary

Vocabulary as a Business Solution

It’s all too easy for your poor business vocabulary to let you down in professional situations. And the impact on your career and job prospects can be severe. We’ve all been in an embarrassing situation because we didn’t know an important word, and if you’re anything like me that situation will have motivated you to want it to NEVER happen again!

But it’s not just the embarrassment that should motivate you to improve your vocabulary. If you are serious about advancing your career, earning more money and getting promotion after promotion, working on your vocabulary and communication is a very wise investment of your time. And the good news is that these days, there are many tools that make vocabulary building much easier than it was in the past. One example of such a tool is the popular VocabularySpellingCity program.

The Importance of Vocabulary in Business Success

The importance of vocabulary has been demonstrated by repeated scientific experiments and wide ranging data analysis studies which show that the strength of a person’s business vocabulary is the single measure that is found to predict income – every time.

In one landmark study, the renowned scientist Johnson O’Connor, who dedicated his life to the study of human learning and achievement, found that vocabulary scores were in direct relationship to an employee’s rank on the career ladder, as illustrated by the results below:


Average Vocabulary Score (out of a maximum of 272)

President / Vice President








Floor Supervisor


It seems that having a good vocabulary gives you an almost unfair advantage in the workplace.And the best news is that, while many talents such as the ability to play music or create art are affected very much by your genes, increasing vocabulary is something that we can all succeed at.

Modern advances in brain science and in software such as the popular VocabularySpellingCity now make it possible for you to improve your vocabulary in record time. Gone are the days of struggling along, memorizing new words by rote and painstaking dictionary work. Now you can, with remarkably affordable tools, turn around your poor vocabulary and begin to succeed like the powerful speakers around you that you have wanted to emulate.
Incredibly, by putting these tools and techniques to use, you will be able to improve your vocabulary vastly within weeks – or even days!

If you don’t have a vocabulary building tool, you can still build your vocabulary with a bit of work. The first thing you should do is keep a diary of unfamiliar words as you encounter them in real life. Refer to the diary every day and practice using the new words as often as possible.

To be confident using a word, you need to practice it in real conversations. The importance of this can’t be stressed enough. This is especially true for business situations. If you aren’t confident using words, you will appear tentative and weak.

So why not start today? You owe it to yourself and your family to catapult your career to the next level, and the next, and the next. And when you decide to build a power vocabulary, you absolutely can and will achieve success!

And if you really want to move up the ladder, you might also consider fine tuning your writing skills. It is a known fact that fewer and fewer business professionals are able to write a grammatically correct sentence. If you want to give yourself an additional leg up, check out Time4Writing’s 8 week courses that cover proper grammatics and the basic mechanics of sentence structure.