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Compare Vocabulary Software

There’s a revolution going on in the way people are learning to improve their vocabulary, and that is called software.

Computer programs are becoming the most favored resource when it comes to expanding vocabulary knowledge because they utilize the best of other methods all in one tool. But it isn’t just about improving vocabulary. The best of the programs on the market will cover other aspects of literacy such as writing skills, reading comprehension, synonyms, antonyms, knowledge of ‘keywords,’ sentence structure, spelling, and grammar. So when the aspiring wordsmith looks to compare vocabulary software it is important for them to bear these factors in mind when choosing.

There are numerous programs on the market, but seven worth mentioning are WordFlash, VTrain, WordPal, Vocabulary Stretch, Vocaboly, WordSmart, and Ultimate Vocabulary. They all offer similar facilities, but there are also distinct differences between them, which are quite noteworthy for various reasons when it comes to making software comparisons.

WordFlash for instance looks cheap, and cheerful, and in fact is cheap, and cheerful at just $15 for the program (though the graphics actually looker cheaper rather than cheerful it has to be said!) At the other end of the scale is WordSmart which will set you back a handsome $314.92, but also looks very stylish. In fact with WordSmart it may be a case of image over content as it is hard to see what you actually get for that amount of money. The other programs fall somewhere in the middle price wise, and all look decent enough, which may make it hard to compare vocabulary software.

Having said all that, special mention has to be made of Ultimate Vocabulary as it seems to combine the best of all the elements required of a software program, as well as be the most reasonably priced at $67 for the entire works. That’s another drawback to one or two of the other programs when checking different software, as they don’t all supply everything for one price, and hence force the user to have to buy extra’s CDs, or add-ons, which in all honesty is a bit of a rip-off.

Another major difference between all of them which is apparent when you compare vocabulary software is the amount of words they have built into their respective programs. When making this comparison, Ultimate Vocabulary trumps the lot with a massive 142,647. The next best placed is Vocaboly with, it has to be said, a paltry 12,000. Actually, when it comes to the whole program Ultimate Vocabulary seems to come out top in a number of areas in terms of numbers as it has 10,000 ‘ultimate words’ everyone should know; 50 usage examples per word; and 20,000 audio pronunciations supplied with a real human voice (as opposed to the usual robotic monotone).

But these are only some of the differences, and it is well worth checking the reviews, and websites to make a fuller comparison of vocabulary software available.