High School Crossword Puzzle

Instructions: The crossword puzzle game starts with an options page, where you can choose your vocabulary topic, and your difficulty level. Then, you will click on START to begin the game. See More…


When the game opens, you will see your puzzle screen load, and a list of menu choices to the right of the screen. Each of the menu options is designed to help you accomplish what you want to within the game.

  • check: holding down the check button will identify incorrect words
  • hint: deducts points from your score, but allows you to reveal unsolved letters in the puzzle
  • solve: for when you simply have to give up and want to see the solved puzzle
  • floating window: turns the floating window on or off
  • new: allows you to begin a new puzzle
  • print: allows you to print your puzzle for solving offline
  • help: reminds you of the rules of play

To play, you simply move your cursor across the screen to see the hints for each empty set of word boxes. By click on the first letter of the box and beginning to type the word, you can complete your word choice. Then you complete the puzzle, word by word through all 12 choices. If you aren’t able to solve a particular word, you can ask for a hint to receive a letter clue, although it will lower your game score. And, of course, you can click “Solve” to reveal any words you weren’t able to figure out on your own.

Cross Words is a fun and interactive way to practice vocabulary at any level of English learning. Stop by Vocabulary.co.il and practice your crossword puzzle strategy today!

Crossword puzzles are popular for helping students grow interested and develop skills with words. One of the most familiar games on our website is the Cross Words game. Crossword puzzles have been an American brain-challenge staple since the early 1900’s, and they haven’t really lost steam. They’ve simply become more “high-tech.” They started out on sheets of paper and in books. There are still old fashioned crossword puzzle printables that can be found online. Some popular educational VocabularySpellingCity games are Word UnScramble, Sentence Unscramble, and the Crossword Puzzle Game.