Determining the Best Speed Reading Software

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Determining the Best Speed Reading Software

With so many different speed reading programs on the market, working out which one is ideal for you can be a bit confusing. In order to start narrowing it down, it can help to get a clearer idea of what each program includes and which offers the most comprehensive range of techniques, tips and hints to help you achieve lasting speed reading success.

If you are looking for the best speed reading software, then you might want to start by considering some of these options:

The Readers Edge – The Readers Edge is an option for those looking for something very straightforward. This is a program that is designed to give a solid grounding in the basis of speed reading and that means you’ll be guided through all the most important speed reading principles. With this computer program, you’ll cover speed reading strategies such as reduction of sub-vocalisation. This will help to ensure that you begin getting the hang of reading more quickly and you’ll be ready to start working on picking up your reading pace quite quickly. Other important things covered in this software include tips on cutting back on repetitive reading which help you process books and other texts more quickly.

Rocket Reader – Much like The Readers Edge, Rocket Reader is a program that targets bad reading habits such as sub-vocalisation and aims to decrease these habits. This program has a particular focus on improving comprehension and on increasing overall vocabulary. The software focuses on these things and the reduction of bad habits to help readers pick up speed.

7 Speed Reading – One program that stands apart and is widely considered among the best available is the 7 Speed Reading program. The reason this is considered the best speed reading software is because it is one of the most comprehensive programs. With this software, there is a broader range of techniques offered to help the user achieve speed reading success. These various aspects allow for the fact that different people have different learning styles, and as such, they need diverse, strategies in order to fully succeed at mastering speed reading.

It is this understanding of how people learn and their desire for entertaining and varied structures and strategies that ultimately sets this apart as the best of the bunch. With 7 Speed Reading, the user gets a wide range of useful techniques to both boost overall speed and increase information retention and comprehension. With most speed reading programs, the user is given instruction and activities which focus on just 4 or 5 different strategies; with 7 Speed Reading there are no less than 7 different strategies offered. Equally as important, these are not filler strategies that have no substance or value. Each and every one of these is a solid, proven strategy.

When selecting the best speed reading software, the most important thing to look at is which of the programs fills your needs at the most viable pricing point. 7 Speed Reading is one of the best and is also priced very competitively. If you’re on a tight budget, then work out what you truly need and whether you might not be better holding off and getting the best software. The money you spend is an investment – one that will provide you with skills that last a lifetime and can be used for work, study or even at home when seeking out more information on things you are passionate about.