Does Photo Reading Really Work

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Does Photo Reading Really Work

Have you ever heard of Photo Reading? Photo reading is a program that can do several things for you. It can help you in the work place. The process can make you more knowledgeable about a lot of things. It can help you with your schoolwork if you are still in school and it can even help you to make more money.

It is a system that can work for just about anyone. People of all ages can use this program. This easy to learn system claims it can have you reading three times faster in no time at all.

What is Photo Reading? Photo reading is a five step course. The steps are as follows:

The 1st step is preparing. You need to get yourself into a state of mind for reading. When you are about to read something you need to understand why you are reading that particular book. It will get your mind geared for the task ahead. The tangerine technique helps you to do this. The first time you try this it may take a while but before long you will do it in a minute or two.

The 2rd step is called previewing. You always will preview the material before you start reading. This is how your brain will learn to sort out information. The preview techniques assist you in learning how to do this.

The 3rd step is the biggest step. It is photo reading. This will teach you to look at the information on the page differently. It teaches you how to divert your eyes and have you reading about 25,000 words a minute.

Step 4 is Postview. This is where you can spend time going through the reading material on parts that you want more detail. You can write down questions that you would like to be answered by the material.

The last step is activation. This step takes you through the stages of comprehension. It will take you from awareness to being familiar. There is several activation techniques that will help you take in and comprehend information so you can use it in your every day life.

Photo Reading is said to help you to succeed in life. It will take you into a whole new age. It will have you receiving and understanding information in a blink of a light.

There are two different self study courses that you can buy. One is a little over $500 and the other is about $250. These will be sent to your home. It includes The Photo Reading Activator Paraliminal CD to master Photo Reading, The Photo Reading Results Supercharger 3-DVD Pack, and you will also receive 11 DVD’s with special features ranging from how to Photo Read multiple books on a single subject all at the same time to how to use "Seven Energy Tips" to stimulate brain activity.

Does Photo Reading work? This is a question best left for you to answer. Give it a try and see if it can help you. But if you really want a speed reading and word comprehension software that really works then you should check out the 7 Speed-Reading software. It cost a lot less and does a lot more for you.