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Easy Ways to Build Vocabulary

It’s not really all that hard to build an advanced and comprehensive vocabulary. Like many things in life, it’s an ongoing process, and the best part of the process is that there’s virtually infinite room for improvement, which means you’ll just keep getting better and better. Of course you have to work at it. You wouldn’t think that a few months of exercise in your teens would suffice you for the rest of your life, now would you? Well, it’s the same with building your vocabulary – you have to keep at it daily, and pretty soon you’ll find that you have an excellent vocabulary. And right here in this article are a few tips to help you on your way.

One interesting way to build vocabulary is to actively search for new words in everyday life – and when you do come upon a new word, make sure you absorb it. Take a minute or two to go over it. If you don’t understand it’s meaning, write it down and check up on it later – there are so many on-line dictionaries and vocabulary sites available on the net that can easily help you with this part. All it takes from you is a few minutes of your time – if you can’t spare that, it’s going to be very difficult for you to build up your vocabulary.

Speaking of on-line sites that can help you increase and enhance your vocabulary, these sites can do more than passively help you understand words. Virtually all of them have some teaching system where you can sign up with the site and be sent a word every day – complete with meanings and explanations. So, since these systems exist, it’s only right that you make use of them.

One of the finest ways to build vocabulary is to read good books. Newspaper gossip columns just don’t cut it – you need to really read at least one good book a week, preferably a classic. This isn’t really as hard as it sounds, and it is far more effective than any other method because you improve your vocabulary while having fun, while reading and interesting piece of literature. Another nice thing is that you absorb both new words and their use unconsciously, meaning that you will tend to use the words learned this way in conversations virtually automatically.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make conscious efforts to enhance your vocabulary while reading. When you come upon a new word in a book, write it down in a note books and memorize it. If you don’t understand the meaning, look it up and understand it thoroughly. Then write a small summary of the book, or of a paragraph of the book, making sure you use the new words learned. Over the next few days, try to use those words effectively in conversations, until the new words are an effective and useful part of your vocabulary.

A word of caution when you build vocabulary, though – some older books may contain archaic words that are no longer used today. When you look up the meaning of a word you don’t understand, make sure about whether it is in use today. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll have an incredible vocabulary is the space of a few months.