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Easy Ways To Improve Vocabulary

One of the easiest ways to improve your vocabulary is by reading. Sounds obvious? Well, yes, it does, but it is no less true. By reading more, you increase the chances of coming across words you are not familiar with. The not so easy bit is finding out what that alien word means. Unless you are seriously looking to add to the words in your personal database, the chances are you will have forgotten what that strange new word was that you came across.

If you are serious about learning new words you will be carrying a pocket dictionary around with you, and scrupulously referencing every new word that catches your eye, or at the very least you might be taking note of the word to look up later. But that still requires the rather mundane task of flipping through a dictionary, and then staring at the word repeating it ad-infinitum until you have grasped the meaning, and context with which to use the word. There are in fact other easy ways to improve vocabulary, and that starts (and ends) with Ultimate Vocabulary.

Ultimate Vocabulary is the hot new software program from education specialists eReflect that totally transforms the way you can comfortably learn new wordswithout reaching for that hefty Oxford Dictionary!

That’s because the program has an amazing in-built dictionary of its own for you to source, and a fully integrated personal tutor installed within the software to help you with your studies. In other words, you get everything you need within the one tool giving you easy ways to improve vocabulary.

The dictionary/thesaurus contains a whopping 142,647 words, has a separate section containing 10,000 ‘words you need to know,’ and over 20,000 verbal pronunciations courtesy of the “human” voice within the program. The addition of 50 usage examples to go with each word means no stone is left unturned when it comes to making the building of your new vocabulary easy, and efficient.

Other features that provide easy ways to improve vocabulary include word visualization (watch your words come alive!); detailed etymology (origin of words); rhymes; entries from encyclopedias; additional examples of the word used in journals such as the Wall Street Journal; a command to make translations into virtually any language, and additional examples from religious texts such as the Bible (which has often been described as the greatest book on earth!) You get tested on new words, definitions, word recall, synonyms, antonyms, and spelling, the results of which are fed into a special database giving you instant updates on your progress via a simple to read graph chart. Learning new words has never been this simple.

Ultimate Vocabulary is also easy on your pocket! At $67 for the whole program, and no annoying extras, there to buy, improving your vocabulary will never be this easy.