Effective answers to the question: ‘How can I improve my vocabulary’

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Effective answers to the question – ‘How can I improve my vocabulary’

A lot of people have asked the question ‘How can I improve my vocabulary?’ knowing just how important effective communication is in everyday life. Whether you’re an executive for some organization or just a student working on a thesis, the ability to say the right thing in just the right way, using just the right words, is crucial. This ability depends a great deal not only on one’s knowledge of the subject, which is crucial, of course, but also on one’s vocabulary. Without a good vocabulary, self-expression becomes a tedious drudgery, a difficult task in which a person spends long minutes being lost for words, knowing what they want to say and finding it so difficult to say it.

So what sort of person can go in for improving their vocabulary? And the answer is that virtually anyone, from a clerk to a university graduate, can find an effort to improve their vocabulary beneficial. Indeed, often the main motivation that a person has when they try to improve their vocabulary is a major project for their university or a major presentation at work. But many people don’t realize just how interesting and even fun improving one’s vocabulary can be.

A person who asks the question ‘How can I improve my vocabulary?’ will find that one of the very simplest and most effective methods to improve one’s vocabulary is simply, a more intensive reading schedule. Or, more simply put – just read more books. Studies have shown a considerable link between people who read a lot and those who have a considerable and effective vocabulary. It’s important to read something that you’re interested in, a subject that will engage your attention and absorb your interest. It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in fiction or non-fiction, either can greatly benefit your vocabulary.

Of course there are a few things you’ll have to do while reading, simple exercises to ensure that new words remain in your mind and become a permanent part of your vocabulary. When you think about how to improve your vocabulary, you need to have a small note pad beside you as you read in which you make up a list of the more unfamiliar terms that you come across. Later, this list can be used to better your understanding of the words, when you look up the meanings of each with the help of a dictionary or a dictionary software. But it obviously isn’t enough to to just write down the words and forget them – no, you need to revise your knowledge of them by going through your little vocabulary note pad regularly, perhaps at least once a day.

So this is an answer to the question ‘How can I improve my vocabulary?’ You’ll find that within a month of using this simple exercise, there will be a significant enhancement of your command of words. But you need to keep up this training, month after month, if you would make this enhancement permanent. Enhancing your vocabulary is a continuous process, and lasts one’s life long. This isn’t a burden. It is, on the contrary, a fascinating journey.