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English Vocabulary Software

Computer software is everywhere these days, and being used prolifically in all walks of life. Business, politics, education, media, science, the list is endless. But one area where it is really taking off is in literacy development, especially when it comes to improving vocabulary.

Good English vocabulary software is much sought after by people looking to increase their knowledge, and understanding of words, with a view to using new ones in their daily lives.

Research indicates that the average adult speaks 125-200 words a minute, and anything up to 18,000 words a day. Yet that does not mean everything they say is understood by the person they are talking to. That’s because sometimes the words people use are simply the wrong ones to be used for that given situation. They are wrong because people don’t know enough words to say different things. If you are using the same English vocabulary all the time, the chances are you are going to be using words that don’t mean what you want them to, or are not right for what you are trying to convey.

Quite simply, a limited vocabulary can result in a life of limitations.

That’s where Ultimate Vocabulary steps in…or rather slots in…to your computer to give you the best English vocabulary software you can buy. Using a self-help program is ideal mainly because people are so used to using computers that learning on them is a lot easier, and effective. The provision of good education is all about “actively engaging” the student in the learning task. Computers are the ultimate tools in this regard, for who doesn’t enjoy using them?

Ultimate Vocabulary is an excellent program for improving English vocabulary for a number of reasons. Firstly, it provides a wide range of easy to use tests, and exercises all “tracked” by a unique monitoring system that charts the student’s progress on a personalized graph chart. Secondly, for every word it introduces you to, there are no less than 50 usage examples to give you the fullest understanding of the word, and where, and how to use it in your daily speech, and writing, which in turn gives you a better grasp of the English words used by other people you meet, or the new authors you might go on to read. Just imagine it – being able to understand what Will Self is going on about! Oh the joy, the joy.

The third attractive component in this English vocabulary software is the massive 142,647-word dictionary/thesaurus with which to explore, and learn, and 20,000-word audio pronunciation function that enhances comprehension of any word being studied. As a result, you will not only see improvements in your vocabulary, and reading comprehension, but also in your writing skills, and grasp of grammar with synonyms, and antonyms. Your knowledge of keywords will be enhanced, as will your spelling, and ability to structure sentences.

The old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” but with Ultimate Vocabulary English software you could soon be on your way to a brand new word…or two…within minutes.