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English Vocabulary

Ever wondered where the English language derived from?

Well you might be surprised to learn that many of the common words in the English vocabulary came first from the dialects of 6th century German, and Dutch invaders, before the Vikings came two centuries later to add to the colloquial mix! However, it was 1066 (and all that) when the English language as we know it today was properly born. It was the Normans of France who sailed over, beat King Harold, and established themselves as the ruling class for the next few generations. But as well as adding French to the vocabulary of the inhabitants of Britain, they also brought with them Greek, and Latin due to their religion.

It is not perhaps surprising then that English is regarded as a truly global language, and has 500,000 words under its collective belt. It also comes as no surprise that many people from all around the world are seeking to make English their second, or third language, such is the prestige associated with this form of communication. Learning English is happening all over the place…even by native English-speaking people who don’t want to be shamed by their non-English counterparts.

The desire to improve, increase, enhance their command of English vocabulary has gripped multitudes of people over the past few years, which in turn has given rise to a dearth of vocabulary software products coming onto the market to help people learn.

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There are many attractions to Ultimate Vocabulary that make it the best English vocabulary tool around today. The first has to be the impressive 142,647 words it has stored in its vault. Not quite all the words in the English language, but pretty darn close! And it is certainly thousands more than any of its nearest competitors. Also impressive is the inclusion of 10,000 “ultimate words” everyone should know. Another provider of a vocabulary-learning package has suggested that there are only 5,000 words that everyone should have in their vocabulary. Obviously the creators of Ultimate Vocabulary know differently. And who are we to doubt them?

The Ultimate Vocabulary exercises, and tests are first class, as is the instant feedback you get when practicing new words, and the personalized progress chart that is continually updated after every learning session. The fact that you get 50 examples of how to use a word, and in what context, is another reason why this program is the best English vocabulary resource for home, or office study. And it takes just ten minutes a day to learn between 4-14 new words.

If you are looking to stay ahead of the invasion of the new English-speaking global community, then there are only two words you need to know – Ultimate Vocabulary!