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Enhancing Your Vocabulary

You can enhance your vocabulary in a number of ways, but one of the most effective is through repetition – a bit like being an actor. Research indicates that constant repetition dramatically improves long-term memory. When it comes to learning new words you need to repeat the word 10-20 times before you start to fully commit it to your mind.

If you are planning on enhancing your vocabulary in this way, then you need to first compile a list of words you want to learn – and then be prepared to learn them! Like anything that we want to master in life, we need to practice, practice, practice. There is no substitute for hard work – but when it comes to learning new words, maybe you will find an alternative for the word substitute. One for your list perhaps?

But remember, once you have committed the new word to memory, go over it again another few times. That way you will be sure you won’t forget it. And another tip is to try, and incorporate your new vocabulary word into some conversations (even if it is with yourself in your mind), and you will soon find the word coming to you like second nature.

Of course there is much more involved when it comes to enhancing your vocabulary as it is not just the word itself you want to remember, but the meaning of that word, and even how/when it can best be used in different contexts. You won’t get that help by just memorizing a word, or constantly referring to the definition in the dictionary, or the one you wrote by hand next to the word on the list.

There is one good tool to help with this, and that’s Ultimate Vocabulary, a software program designed specifically for improving your vocabulary. This program for PCs, and laptops, has taken the repetition idea, and used it to forge a learning resource that is easy to use, and provides long-lasting results.

This is achieved mainly because the program has 50 usage examples per word, as well as audio pronunciations for over 20,000 words (so you should find a few new ones among that lot!) The massive pre-loaded dictionary of 142,647 words will also provide you with enough to study. You also get 6 different types of tests based on definition, word recall, the word itself, spelling, synonyms, and antonyms. You can also keep up to speed on how well you are enhancing your vocabulary by checking the customized progress chart that logs your development after every session.

The repetition idea is also extended into online activity, as you can do further research into the etymology (history/origin) of a certain word through the programs Word Discovery system, and Windows Messenger will also send real-time messages to you in pop-ups reminding you of your current favorite word you are learning.