Finding a Speed Reading Software Program

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Finding a Speed Reading Software Program

How do you pick the best speed reading software? By arming yourself with information and plain common sense. There are a lot of programs out there. Some offer free trials, other have quality guarantees. Some only address one aspect of reading speed, while others cover many potential problem areas. Some programs must be purchased at a store, others are available for immediate download. You need to consider what your needs are before selecting a program, and be sure to get one from a reliable source.

How do you tell a scam from a real reading program? You will need to evaluate the claims made by the software company. Unless you have some sort of brain anomaly, you probably won’t ever be able to read much more than 1,000 words per minute. An average reader can read 200-600 words per minute. Some people can read over 1,000 words per minute with a lot of practice. If a speed reading system promises significantly higher reading speeds, it is most definitely a scam. Some of these super-reading methods have been tested by NASA, and those who used them actually slowed down their reading.

To find the best speed reading software, you may be tempted to download a free trial. These are actually quite risky, as they may carry viruses or spyware. They may have commercial toolbars or other unwanted software bundled with the program. Most free trials are only good for 30 days. After the trial period, the program may just stop working. It may also lock up part of your computer, or make the entire machine unusable until you pay for the full version of the software. Also, most free trials only last for 30 days. Since speed reading is a skill that must be developed, 30 days is not really enough time to evaluate the program. You may improve your reading speed for a couple of months and then stall out. You may get bored of the reading material or exercises and stop using the program after a few months.

To avoid the free trial software trap, make sure you scan any files you download with a virus scanner before opening them. Watch out for new and different antivirus software popping up on your computer. Thousands of people have fallen for the fake virus software scam, which looks legitimate and asks you to enter credit card information in order to update the fake antivirus software. Other viruses can redirect your web browser to pages you don’t want to see. Some viruses don’t leave many signs, but instead just quietly send your personal information out to someone.

You can avoid potential computer problems by downloading software directly from a reliable company. Free trial software often encourages piracy and counterfeit programs. A better option is a money-back guarantee. The best speed reading software will come with a promise of a full refund if you want to stop using the program for any reason. This offer should extend well past one month, and some companies will refund your money up to a year later.